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Reflection on Photographic Arts
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Throughout this course, you have become familiar with fundamental photographic concepts. Understanding these fundamentals may help you not only take better photographs but also see your subject matter, your community, and the world from a different perspective. In this Reflection, consider the knowledge and skills you have gained in this course and how they have affected your photographic style.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Review the Jonathan Jones article from this week’s Learning Resources.
Consider the effect of composing photographs using the fundamental principles of photography you have studied in this course.
Consider the purpose of having a process and intent when composing photographs for the viewer.
Review the examples of photographs demonstrating fundamental principles of photography you have produced for this course.
Reflect on the changes you have seen in your own photographic style.
The Assignment:
Write a 2- to 3-page paper assessing how the fundamental principles of photography are reflected in the way you communicate messages or stories.
Assess how these fundamental principles of photography are reflected in the way you view your community and the world.
Describe how you might approach photography differently after this course.
What photographic skills have you strengthened since the beginning of this course?
Be sure to cite at least one example from the course readings to support your answers.
Jones, J. (2013, January 10). Photography is the art of our time. The Guardian. Retrieved from
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