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US College Research is the leader in providing academic assistance to millions of students needing help with their writing assignments.  Our team of professional writers is available 24/7, and they can write about any topic!  Their combined expertise cover major subjects like Accounting, Medical School, Law, Nursing, Economics, Math, Marketing, Project Management, Statistics, Biology, Pre-Medical, Pre-Law, and Chemistry.


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We have proven time and time again that we are your number one resource for custom writing services.  We are committed to your academic success!  We have helped students from around the world with their assignments, essays, term papers, dissertations, and other custom writing needs.


We offer a unique combination of originality, quality, and affordability that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!  We have developed a professional approach that allows us to provide students with exceptional academic writing services throughout their entire academic career. From high school to your PhD, we have got you covered!


US Custom Research Writing Qualifications


All of our custom assignment writers possess the following qualifications:


  1. Education: we only hire highly educated professionals holding PhDs, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from recognized colleges and universities.
  2. Knowledge: our professional writers are industry leaders! They are proficient in all writing assignments, academic formatting, and referencing.
  3. Experience: every writer we employ must possess relevant experience in not only academic writing and researching, but they must also be experts in their field of study!
  4. Attitude: we want you to succeed! Our expert writers are committed to crafting 100% unique assignments that will earn you top notch grades!


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