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Final Project Peer Critique
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o prepare for this Discussion:

Read the Jonathan Jones article from this week’s Learning Resources.
Review the websites in this week’s Learning Resources for more inspiration and examples of photographs.
Review your partner’s Final Project photographic series, which was submitted to this week’s Discussion as part of last week’s Final Project Assignment.
Consider the following questions regarding process in your partner’s photographic series:
To what extent is the work subjective or objective?
Would you consider the series conventional or challenging? Why?
What is the purpose of the elements used and the order in which the photographs appear in the series?
Are the photographs in the series clearly planned, or do they appear in a random presentation in order to gain more of an emotional reaction?
Was the series more of a documentary to report a situation to the viewer, or was the intent of the series to express or persuade the viewer to have or express a particular attitude?
Are the photographs in the series simple or complex compositions? How does this affect the intended viewpoint and understanding of the viewer?
Have delay tactics been used to create interest or ambiguity in the composition of the photographs in the series?
What is the style of the photographs in this series?
With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a critique of your partner’s Final Project photographic series (Approximately 2–3 paragraphs). Consider each of the following:

Evaluate how the content and composition of the photographic series is presented either clearly or ambiguously to the viewer. Explain to what extent these choices may influence the viewer’s perception of the series.
Analyze how the subjects in the photographic series relate to each other.
Describe to what extent you believe the intent of the photographic series contributes to the telling of a subjective or objective story.

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