The team here at US College Research receives questions all the time from students and professionals who are interested in utilizing our custom writing services.  It is not uncommon for people like yourself to become nervous because they’ve never used a professional writing service before.  We understand your concerns, and that is why we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.


Who do I contact if I have a question after placing my order?


First, it is ideal for you to contact your personal, professional writer.  They are the person who will be working hard to complete your assignment!  They should be able to answer any questions and give you an updated status on your order.  If she or he is not available, you may utilize our 24-hour customer support services anytime!  We have options to live chat, email, call, and you may also fill out an order message on our page.  For further information, please see our contact page .


How often will I receive a discounted price?


US College Research knows how important it is to keep our prices affordable, so we offer discounts for our customers on a regular basis.  We offer discounts for first-time customers, referrals, and more!  Check out our US College Research web page regularly for up to date discount codes, we’d love for you to save money!


Do you ever plagiarize another person’s work?


Never, we take pride in producing 100% authentic work for each and every customer we serve.  The professional writers here at US College Research will not risk jeopardizing your college career by forging another person’s work.  As you can tell by our name, our professionals research college materials regularly and would love to inject every paper with fresh material, every time!


Thanks for stopping by our FAQ page, we hope that we’ve answered all of your questions.  If you feel like you have more you’d like to ask, please contact us right away!


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