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The professional academic writers here at US College Research are already accustomed to researching and writing 100% original custom papers.  After all, this is what they enjoy doing!  We understand that each students writing must be unique, as every student has unique thought processes and writing styles.  Here at US College Research, we can provide you and your friends with premium writing services that will give you the highest marks.



  • Essay Writing
  • Presentation Development
  • Resume and CV writing
  • Outlines
  • Editing Services


Essay Writing

The professional academic writers here at US College Research take pride in writing premium quality essays that are plagiarism free!  Our writers can write essays about every topic you can imagine.  We don’t care what your essay has to be about because we are 100% confident that we have a writer that will meet all of your needs!


Presentation Development

Our custom presentation development services offer to research and write your upcoming presentation.  Whether it’s for class or your professional business, we will make it just for you with 100% original content.  Our professional writers can even provide you with short notes to assist you as you give your presentation in class.


Resume and CV Writing

Every student and professional needs a formal resume and CV for their internships, job interviews, and more!  These valuable documents show readers the experience and skills that you possess to carry out their work.  Our professional writers work on these quite frequently.  Having a professional oversee your resume and CV writing will prevent any errors, which ultimately will show the employer that you invested the time to produce quality work.


Outline Writing

Perhaps you are a very talented writer, but you just can’t organize your content to make it flow properly.  No problem, one of our very talented personal academic writers can work with you to develop an outline that suits all of your custom writing needs.  If you decide that you require assistance on some portions of the assignment, we would be happy to help with that too!


Editing Services

Have you already completed your writing assignment, but you are looking to have it professionally edited?  We have no problem doing that as well!  Have you written as much as you can, but you feel like it doesn’t meet the length requirements your professor is looking for?   Send it to the professionals here at US College Research!  We can add academic research and resources to help enhance the document you’ve already completed.


Are you interested in one or all of the fantastic custom writing services that we offer here at US College Research?  That’s great news, let’s get started!  Go ahead and fill out our order form, submit your payment and we’ll take it from there.  You can count on some unexpected leisure time coming your way.


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