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CMGT 410 – PROJECT PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION (2013 Version – Brand New!) Week 2 – Tutorials = A+++Work!
DQ #1 – Word Count = 527 words!
a) What is a WBS? What purpose does the WBS serve?

b) What makes estimating an IT project challenging?

c) What can lead to inaccurate estimates? How can an organization improve the accuracy of estimating IT projects?

d) What is the impact of consistently estimating too low? Too high?

e) Why is counting lines of code (LOC) a popular method for estimating and tracking programmer productivity? What are some problems associated with this method?
DQ #2 – Word Count = 424 words!
a) What are phase exits, stage gates, and kill points? What purpose do they serve?

b) What is a business case? Why should an organization develop a business case?

c) Describe technical feasibility.

d) Describe the criteria that should be used to make a project selection decision.

e) Describe the balanced scorecard approach.

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