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CMGT 410 – PROJECT PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION (2013 Version – Brand New!) Week 4 – Tutorials = A+++Work!
DQ #1 – Word Count = 512 words!
What is the purpose of a contract?
What is outsourcing? How does it relate to Project Procurement Management?
What is offshoring or offshore outsourcing?
Why is writing a good contract important for an outsourcing relationship?
What are some hidden costs of outsourcing? Why is it important to consider these costs?
DQ #2 – Word Count = 625 words!
What qualities are required for a good project manager?
Describe the five practices for exemplary leadership.
What is emotional intelligence?
What is the definition of ethics?
Define culture.
How can a project manager change, maintain or create culture?

CMGT410 Week 4 – Tutorials = A+++Work!

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