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Assignment The Police in Your Community

Purpose of Assignment

This project applies all that students have learned from this course to relevant issues concerning their community and its police department.

Resources Required

Introduction to Policing

Appendix A

Appendix B

Final Project: The Police in Your Community

This project integrates all you have learned from this course into relevant issues concerning your community and its police department.

Read Appendix A regarding the final project requirements.
Read Appendix B: Microsoft® PowerPoint® Tutorial.
Create a 12- to 18-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation about the police within your community. You must complete the following:

Identify the name and location of this police department.

Identify the level of law enforcement, such as local or state.

Chart the police department’s organization in terms of area, time, and personnel. You may include your personnel chart from earlier in the class.

Create a graph to illustrate the diversity of this police department in terms of race and gender.

Identify the goals and objectives of your police department.

Locate an article in which a specific case law or constitutional amendment influenced the actions of the police. Consider the following example: The police searched Mr. Johnson’s house yesterday and found unregistered weapons. The police had a search warrant.
Identify the specific case law or constitutional amendment.

Explain how the case law or constitutional amendment influenced the police actions. The Fourth Amendment, for example, states that people are not subject to an illegal search or seizure. The police had a search warrant to search the house.

Provide a reference to the article in APA format.
Locate an article on your police department in which their actions reflected an unethical behavior.
Summarize the article.
Explain what you believe the department can do to curb this behavior.
Provide a reference to the article in APA format.
Identify the approach to policing used by your police department, such as traditional, new, or a mixture of both, and explain your findings.

Describe your police department’s relationship with your community. Include the following:
The policing philosophy with which you believe your department identifies
The crime prevention programs in your community
The effectiveness of these crime prevention programs
Include detailed speaker’s notes for each slide.
Cite at least two references to support your statistical findings.
Create a reference slide.
Format your paper according to APA standards.
Post your paper as an attachment.

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