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15. Doris locks Phil in a first floor room. Phil sues Doris for false imprisonment. Which of the following is true?
A) Doris would escape liability if she let Phil out of the room after one hour.
B) According to some courts, Doris would escape liability if Phil slept through the entire period that the door was locked and thus was unaware that he was being detained.
C) Even if Phil could easily have escaped through an open window, Doris still is liable.
D) Doris would not be liable if Phil could have escaped by traveling two miles through a narrow, filthy, rat-infested sewer line that periodically floods with water.

16. Which of the following is least likely to create liability for the first form of invasion of privacy (intrusion on personal solitude or seclusion)?
A) Using binoculars to look from your apartment into the bedroom of a neighboring apartment to watch the occupant undress, because you are not intruding on the other person’s property.
B) Tapping someone’s telephone, because this is a nonphysical intrusion.
C) Examining someone’s bank account, because here there’s no intrusion on the plaintiff himself.
D) Examining public records concerning a person, because here there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy.

17. Which of the following is slander rather than libel?
A) A defamatory statue.
B) A defamatory TV broadcast.
C) A defamatory magazine article.
D) All of the above are libel rather than slander.

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