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1. Which of the following is subject to rational basis review?
A) Regulation of political speech that is challenged under the First Amendment.
B) Regulation of commercial speech that is challenged under the First Amendment.
C) Laws that discriminate on the basis of illegitimacy.
D) Laws that discriminate when they regulate social and economic matters.

2. “State action” means that
A) The federal government cannot regulate the actions of state governments.
B) In order for certain individual rights provisions of the Constitution to apply, the party denying the right must be a government actor.
C) State police-power legislation
D) State laws must not conflict with federal law

3. Which of the following statements is true regarding federal law?
A) if a federal law is based on an enumerated power, then it is constitutional
B) if a federal law does not collide with an independent constitutional check, then it is constitutional
C) in order to be constitutional, a federal law must be based on an enumerated power and not collide with an independent constitutional check
D) Independent constitutional checks are made on federal law, not state law

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