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The major aim of antitrust laws is to:
A) Restrict foreign investment in U.S. businesses.

B) Keep individual business small.

C) Preserve competition and prevent economic coercion.

D) None of the above

Given the following information and assuming that John Doe is treated as an hourly employee, his gross pay for the week is _______, the total deduction from his weekly wages is _______, and his weekly net pay is _________.

John Doe

Hours worked in a 40-hour week


Hourly pay rate


FICA rate


Maximum taxable FICA wages


Federal income tax rate


Voluntary weekly deduction


A) $400; $77.00; $330.92

B) $500; $119.08; $430.92

C) $550; $169.08; $380.92

D) $750; cannot be determined; $580.92

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that when a hotel guest has paid for the room:
A) Hotel employees may not enter the room uninvited for any reason

B) The guest is entitled to constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure

C) The hotel assumes the legal authority to permit or deny any search of the guest’s room

D) The hotel becomes liable for damages if it refuses to admit the guest’s unregistered spouse

The Red Lake Motel sold 1,000 rooms at $49.50 per room for the month, the budget called for 950 rooms to be sold at $52.50. the budget variance is ________.
A) $375 favorable

B) $375 unfavorable

C) $2,625 favorable

D) $2,625 favorable

All of the following is relevant information on a budget report prepared for department managers EXCEPT:
A) Wages and benefits estimates

B) Sales forecasts

C) Operating supplies expense

D) Allocated administrative expenses

A hotel has the right to evict a guest due to
A) Non-payment

B) Overstaying

C) Illness

D) All of the above

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