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Assignment Rubric: Information Systems Proposal – Week 2

Purpose of Assignment

This assignment provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of different types of information systems and technology. Students must also show their competency in using some of the basic features in Microsoft® Word.

Resources Required

Table 2.2 in Ch. 2 of Introduction to Information Systems


All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.

o Explains five different types of information systems that would work well for the chosen business

o Identifies the benefits and drawbacks of each of the five types of information systems chosen

o Includes the following features of Microsoft® Word:

A table of contents
A table
A minimum of two styles
An image
Either a bulleted or numbered list

xbis220 Information Systems Proposal

xbis 220 Information Systems Proposal

bis/220 Information Systems Proposal

bis 220 Week 2 Information Systems Proposal

xbis220 Week 2 Information Systems Proposal

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