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This is a 4-6 minute presentation. You will show the audience how to do something. In other words, this is a “how to” speech where you demonstrate how to make, change, build, repair, cook, or in some way create something. Importantly, this speech requires a visual aid and at least one academic source. Requirements for this speech include:

A clear introduction, body, and conclusion

A concise thesis

Clear posting

Labels in the body of the speech that correspond to the main points posted in the introduction

A keyed-off conclusion that summarizes the main points, restates the thesis, and refers back to the attention-getter

A typed full sentence outline submitted to Canvas prior to the speaking date

The outline must contain one source that is referenced according to APA style in the Works Cited section.

This source must be cited in the correct parenthetical method for APA in the text of the outline.

This source must be attributed by its most important characteristic in the presentation.

The speech must have a visual aid

You should have speaker notes that do not interfere with the message

Be sure to look at the example of an How to/Demonstration speech in the File section of Canvas.

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