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Introduction to Environmental Science Lab quiz
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In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, the frequency of animal-based product consumption is arranged as
A.Never, infrequently, occasionally, often, very often
B.Never, seldom, occasionally, often, always
C.Infrequently, usually, normally, often, always
D.Never, infrequently, normally, often, always
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Occasional animal-based product consumption means:

A.Rarely meat, rarely dairy-products (< 5 times/month)
B.No meat or occasional meat, eggs and dairy almost daily
C.Meat and eggs 3-5 times/month
D.Meat and dairy only once per week
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The concept of locally grown food consists of food grown within less than______ miles from where we live.

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In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, under “Your Home” section, the estimate of the footprint includes

A.Goods from non-renewable resources only
B.Only goods that are recyclable
C.Goods from renewable-resources only
D.Goods we buy, use, and throw away
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In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, how many housing types are available for selection?


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The footprint of our housing can vary considerably, based on several factors among which

A.Taxes, HOA
B.Size, type of construction
C.Proximity to roads
D.Proximity to water
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In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, under the mobility section, the distance travelled by car is

A.The total weekly distance to school
B.The total weekly distance to work
C.The total weekly distance as a driver or passenger
D.The total weekly distance for trips over 15 miles

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In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, the time flown each year is

A.The total flight time, including short and long flights
B.The total flight time, including long flight only
C.The total flight time, excluding flight with check-in luggage
D.The total domestic flight time, excluding international flights
In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, how is the ecological footprint measured?

A.It is measured in metric tons of renewable resources needed to support our lifestyle
B.It is measured in global acres needed to support our lifestyle
C.It is measured in kg of food needed to grow in order to support our lifestyle
D.It is measured in square miles needed to support our life style
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In the Ecological Footprint Quiz, our personal impact on the environment is broken down in the following categories:

A.Food, transportation, energy
B.Food, shelter, mobility, goods
C.Food, shelter, mobility, goods, services
D.Food, housing, services

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