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Option 1: Functional Systems

Consider the following scenario involving a functional system used by the Lynx Company. The Lynx Company uses a

functional system for their sales system. It takes the orders from their salesmen in the field, processes those orders in the

office, sends the information to accounting, and distributes the pick orders to the warehouse for picking and delivery. The

system has been a great success for The Lynx Company.

Be sure to review the lessons and assigned reading regarding cross-functional systems before beginning work on your

case study. Also, conduct outside research regarding functional systems. You should use your textbook and at least two

outside sources to complete this assignment. Please be sure to format, quote, paraphrase, cite, and list any sources,

including your textbook, using the APA format required by CSU.

Write a one- to two-page (250 or more word) paper to include the following:

 Identify five reasons why the Lynx Company’s functional system has been successful (be sure to expand your

discussion on each reason).

 Identify five disadvantages of functional systems and briefly explain each one.

 Be sure to cite all your sources.

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