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Concept Illustration

1 1/2-2 pages

-This assignment serves to showcase an everyday phenomenon as illustrative of the concepts that have been covered in Interpersonal Communication. Any concept that has been covered in the text or lecture is available for application. Use the format as outlined in journals; 1-inch margins, double-spaced, times new roman font.

1. Take the 1st paragraph to explain the situation, occurrence, conversation, or media. Use detail in the description to ensure all sense data is included. In other words, fully describe your senses(as stimulated) in perception in addition to your interpretation.

2. The second paragraph should transition into the interpersonal communication concept illustrated and include a complete definition of said concept.

3. Use the remaining part of the paper to address how the phenomena illustrates the concept. Include particulars relative to the situation that may mediate the interpretation or illustration. If culture, context, age, or gender influence the interpretation of illustration include details about these factors as well.

Academic help online

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