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1.What were the social, cultural and political consequences of the unification of China under the strong centralized governments of the Qin and Han Empires?

2.How did Buddhism find its way into East Asia, and what were its appeal and impact?

3.What were the lasting accomplishments of the Sui and Tang Dynasties?

4.What elements of Chinese culture were adopted by Koreans, Vietnamese, and Japanese, and how did they adapt them to their own circumstances?

5.Why was the Byzantine Empire able to survive for so long, and what were its most important achievements?

6.What factors enabled the Christian Church to expand and thrive?

7.How did Christian thinkers and missionaries adapt Greco-Roman ideas to Christian theology?

8.What techniques were used for converting barbarians?

9.How did the barbarians shape social, economic, and political structures in European and Western Asia?

PART II: Journal

Directions: The purpose of the journal is to actively engage in self-learning and opportunities to clarify and reflect upon your thinking of world history in different ways. Further, the journal is intended to help the student gain writing fluency knowledge and creativity in doing so. You should express your ideas and feelings, special terms, and expressions heard and used to convey historical knowledge and events. You not only be graded on the content of your journaling activities, but on the completion of the assignment and writing skills required for each journal activity assignment.

Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs that consist of at least 7 sentences for each of the following questions:

1.If I could patent a product it would be…

2.I believe it would sell because…

3.I can help the US economy by…

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