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Here is a link of Microsoft Jumubs into a growing market for Wearable fitness Technology

1. Summary of two pages of this article.
2. Presentation slides explaining the article – typically ten to 12 slides.

The first slide should have Electronic copy of the article or an internet link to the article and the date of the article and the name of the writer.
Then , explain the article ex: the idea , competitors, ,,
Then a slide shows the relative between this topic of the article and Management Information Systems , in other world , how this topic related to MIS?
The last slide should include questions / important issues to be discussed by the class
The last slide should include questions / important issues to be discussed by the class.
Here is an example of one of the good presentations that we hadin class:( the agenda)
oLink to the Article

o A Comprehensive Demonstration of the Cloud Computing

o Summary of the Article

o List of Acquisitions by Google

o How Google Platform Work

o Google Cloud VS Amazon Web service (videos)

o Benefits of the Cloud Computing for Businesses

o Comment for Your Discussions

o Questions

o Work cited

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