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Consultant Case Study

Put together a case presentation based on one of the following options:
1) case from the text book Managing Information Technology
2) case based on The Adventures of an IT Leader
3) case from real work situation (must be pre-approved)
Follow a problem-solving approach. You will play the role of consultant assuming you have been hired by the organization to:
Provide objective opinion of the situation (specific details below)
Provide realistic options for actions for the organization.
Final project includes two artifacts:
Presentation – can be done in PowerPoint, Google Docs presentation, or other presentation software readable by the instructor.
Each slide should include lecture notes – i.e., what would you say if you were actually presenting this?
Make sure each slide summarizes the general idea – you do NOT want to be reading slides to your audience.
Summary report – maximum length of 10 double-spaced pages.
Can include copies of tables and diagrams used in presentation, but they must be cited according to APA guidelines.
Describe the current situation.
The problem/and or opportunity, depending upon which case you have chosen.
The solution and justification for why you’ve chosen that solution.
An evaluation of the solution and how it will be effective in solving the problem or leveraging the opportunity.

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