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Question 1 – Identify some of the key trends and uncertainties facing the automobile/personal transportation industry over the next decade. Use this analysis to generate two possible scenarios for Better Place. What implications are there for Better strategy?
You will do a scenario analysis. For this purpose, you will need to identify 2 key drivers of change which is done through a PESTLE analysis. However it is not necessary to include a PESTLE analysis in your assignment. Focus on the factors that have high impact and high uncertainty, and identify how the 2 key drivers of change may develop in opposite directions.
For scenario analysis you will have to provide both an illustrative matrix and 2 short stories for 2 of the 4 quadrants of the matrix. You should suggest a name for each of the 4 quadrants but develop and write stories for only 2 of them – the ones that you consider most interesting and least obvious. You should make clear what the impact of these scenarios to Better Place is.
QUESTION 1- Outline Follow this
Key Drivers of Change
1. Define key drivers of change; make reference to some of the trends you have noticed taking place in the automobile industry from within the case. NB: you will get these from your PEST Analysis.; (you can also attach your complete PEST as your appendix and make reference to it here if u so choose to use your PEST as your one appendix.
2. Identify the two (2) key drivers of change for the industry as a whole; (That is, what two (2) factors have the most impact on the automobile industry and for which there is a high level of uncertainty.
3. Identify the scope for the scenarios e.g. the following scenarios illustrate four (4) potential outcomes for the automobile industry within the next ten (10) years.
4. Draw Matrix, plotting the two (2) identified drives against each other.
o Examples; as seen below, the two drivers for change were alignment and competitiveness. They are drawn showing both the positive possibility (aligned) and the negative possibility (unaligned) likewise for Competitiveness and Competiveness.
5. As seen above, come up with a Creative Name for all four (4) of the quadrants based on what is occurring in the industry. Then, develop Stories for only (2) as seen above.
o NB
§ You can develop stories for the most positive outcome and the worst possible outcome.
§ You can choose to write your stories inside the matrix; as seen above or outside in few sentences or bullet points.
6. Describe the impact of your first scenarioon of Better Place’s Strategy
7. Describe the impacts of your second scenario on Better Place’s Strategy.
NB: You can indicate what u think they should do going forward for each scenario but keep it brief. Focus on the IMPACTS of the scenarios on their present strategy.
NB: please note that I was advised that since you are NOT to work in groups that you are NOTrequired to do the self-assessment.
Question 2 – Identify Better Place’s key stakeholders and map these stakeholder in terms of the power/interest grid.
You will do a stakeholder map for Better Place considering the power/interest dimensions. The map should be done considering the company’s purpose as a whole, rather than any specific strategy. You have to explain the position of the stakeholders in the map, taking into account who would be the key blockers and facilitators of the business.
QUESTION 2 Answer Outline
1. Define what a stakeholder is, then identify the stakeholders for Better Place.
2. Using the Power/ Interest Matrix place the stakeholders within the matrix based on the level of power of interest they have
3. Explain the position of each stakeholder in the matrix; that is why you have placed them in that particular box? What influence or impact do they have on Better’s Place’s Operations? Are they Blockers or facilitators of business?

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