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Please read the case thoroughly, and write approximately 10 page case analysis addressing the following questions:
– Why is it important to understand thoroughly the various elements of the employee value proposition (EVP)?
– Why would a company want to know what are the most important aspects of EVP for their employees?
– Who is responsible for defining EVP?
– Would there be other elements to the EVP than the listed 38?
– What explains the differences in the preferences in different countries?
– Do you expect that there would be differences in preferences depending on the age, experience and gender of employees?
– After understanding the employee preferences, what should a company do next?
– Would you consider the EVP to mature or evolve over time?
– In your experience, what are the most important aspects of the EVP for the employees in your organisation?
Please also feel free to include any other discussion points.
As discussed, the value of the analysis can be improved by:
– using additional information sources for the analysis (company website, earlier research on the topic, background info on the company,…)
– presenting your own individual thoughts and views on the case

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