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Learning Team Ima Goodenough Evaluation Presentation

Review the Intruding Ima and the Falsified
Report case study in Ch. 4 of Justice Administration. Assume the role of
the police chief or sheriff.

Discuss questions following the case

Create an employee performance
evaluation form. Refer to Ch 7 of Managing Criminal Justice Organizations
for important elements that you might want to include.

Use this form to Evaluate Ima Goodenough
from different perspectives: for example, as an HR manger, coworker, direct
supervisor or other work place individuals.

Prepare a 10 to 15 slide
PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the

A summary of the case

Whether Ima Goodenough is a problem
employee or this is a problem situation

Legal issues that may be involved

Remedial or disciplinary action that
should be taken

Justification for the action(s)

Format the presentation consistent with APA
guidelines. You DO NOT need to include the evaluation
forms in the PPT or write a separate paper, just make sure you put support your
presentation with information in the “Notes” section of the slides as well as
putting all citations in the Notes section. The PPT Presentation is all that is

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