Strategic Thinking Map: Market Analysis

Strategic Thinking Map: Market Analysis
Use the case study provided below to conduct a market analysis. In your market analysis, identify the segments (potential patients, physicians, etc.) and provide a summary of your findings.
Develop a written report of your market analysis. Include a visual diagram of your overall market analysis using a Strategic Planning Map or another type of visual diagram. The map is to be used as a supplement for your written market analysis. Your well-written market analysis should meet the following requirements:
• Be 3 pages in length, not including the cover, abstract (optional), or reference pages
• Utilize headings to organize the content
• Include the strategic thinking map in addition to / or as a part of the 3 to 4 pages of content
• Include a minimum of 4 references with associated in-text citations.
• Be formatted according to APA Requirements
Case Study Information

The circumstances in Pocahontas County resonate in many rural communities across the country:

• A depressed local economy
• Substantial barriers to health access
• Difficulty in attracting health professionals.

Portrait of Pocahontas County

Pocahontas County is located in the southeast region of West Virginia. The county has a total of 942 square miles and is the site of the head waters for eight rivers: Cherry River, Cranberry River, Elk River, Ganley River, Greenbriar River, Tygart Valley River, Williams River, and Shaver Fork of the Cheat River. Pocahontas County consists of the following towns: Arborale, Bartow, Buckeye, Cass, Dunmore, Durbin, Greenbank, Hillsboro, Marlington, and Slatyfork.

As of the 2010 Census there are 9,131 people residing in Pocahontas County. The racial makeup is 98% Caucasian, .78% African American, .43% Hispanic, .14% Asian, and .07% Native American. The median income for a household within the county is $26,401.

Access to Health Services

Pocahontas County has a shortage of healthcare providers. There is one hospital, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, and one nursing home, Pocahontas Center. The ratio for dentists is 8,851 to 1. The ratio for primary care physicians is 8508 to 1 (County Health Roadmaps & Rankings, n.d.). The county’s physician-to-population ratio is significantly higher than the Unites States overall ratio.

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed, level-4 trauma center. A rural health clinic is located within the hospital. The health clinic offers laboratory services, immunizations, disease management, and monthly specialty clinics (cardiology, podiatry, and nephrology).

For more information about Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, visit the following website:

County Health Roadmaps &Rankings.(n.d.). Retrieved from

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