1,000 words
– Aetiology
– Genetics
Each component
• accuracy of information
• appropriate depth and breadth of information
• explanations accessible to lay public
• presence of relevant links

Referencing: You will be assessed on the type of sources you use as well as the appropriate use of those sources. The referencing format for your document follows the instructions provided by Pathophysiology the official journal of the International Society for Pathophysiology. These instructions can be found at:
The type of references that you use will be scrutinised as well:
• at least 80% of your referenced material must be primary sources, namely original journal articles. o of these, no more than 40% can be review articles o of the remaining 20%, priority should be given to non-government organisations, government organisations and/or organisations dedicated to the disease/disorder in question.
• textbooks can be used as a source of images, however use of textbooks for core content cannot constitute more than 5% of the total reference material.
• lecture notes (ours or someone else’s) are not an acceptablereference
• Wikipedia is not an acceptablesource and the academic staff will be looking for evidence of material having been borrowed from Wikipedia. Additionally, someone’s personal website (e.g. Bob’s Pain Page) is not an acceptable source.

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