Native and European Concept of Warfare

I need at least one primary source for the following paper. My textbook for the class can also be used: American Military HIstory: A survey from Colonial
Times to the Present by William Allison, Jeffrey Grey, and Janet Valentine.
I have done the outline and have a working thesis. This is a paper to cover North American colonization and expansion time period.
Working Thesis: From the earliest Native and colonial American encounters, a clash of ideologies, practices, religious beliefs, and modes of warfare
regarding land and sovereignty left the indigenous people in a weakened position in their struggle for survival.
I. European Worldview
A. Pre-Colonization Ideology –
B. Colonization
C. American Colonial Leaders
II. Native Worldview
A. Pre-Colonization History
B. Colonization from Native Perspective
C. Native Leaders
III. Evolution of Native Policies and Tactics and Responses
A. New England Colonies
B. Southern Colonies
C. Middle Colonies
D. United Colonies and Native Responses
IV. Conclusion

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