The links to the videos are below. Also, there’s uploaded files and other materials to assist you with the essay.

Video #1:

Video #2:


Just let me know if you need anything else for the essay. Also, I will email something that’s significant to the essay.

You will access and listen to the following two Youtube videos. Please write a well-defined comparative essay explaining your choice about how one of the Five Characteristics is heard or observed in both genres. Materials that build your argument are found in Module #1-6 including Ortiz and Gilroy’s research. Please refer to the midterm rubrics to make your case.

The Five Characteristics (Choose one)
* Call and Response
* Buzzy timbre
* Ostinato
* Community Participation
* Rhythmic Complexity (2+3 or 3+2)

Essays should include an explanation of all components in aural analysis including rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, timbre heard in both, the use of terms from “Popular World Music,” utilization of the answers to the questions in Modules #1-6 and any additional concepts or definitions necessary particularly the Five Characteristics of African and African-Derived musics. You should also include any other distinguishing ethnomusicological features associated with both.
Remember to utilize any useful answers from the chapters. A rubric “Midterm Rubrics” (below) will provide the framework for your papers. You should use this format to structure the paper. An additional diagram has been provided to aid in essay your structure. (scroll below)

Specifics about Due Date for the Essays
he essays are due on Thursday, MARCH 30, 11:59 p.m. Your essays should be a minimum/maximum of 900 words, double spaced, with one inch margins on top/bottom, right/left. They must include an extra page titled Works Cited with proper citation. Cite your work in Chicago style citations (see Purdue OWL in RESEARCH for specifics). You should use a maximum of 2.0 line spacing and a font that is no less than 12 pt. pitch using Times New Roman font. Papers that do not conform to these rules will receive negative points. Again, you must properly cite any information that you have paraphrased from another writer. Failure to do so will result in a charge of plagiarism. Please observe this requirement stringently. The two excerpts follow these directions below. You must upload your paper to the Turnitin prompt in the Assignment no later than Thursday, March 30. I will return your paper to you with comments and a grade. Please follow these guidelines carefully.
Upload your Word document with a .docx file extention to the Turnit-In prompt in below (click on View/Complete to upload). Do not send file attachments in emails. They will not be accepted especially after the deadline.
Here is a useful structure that could be used to present your midterm exam. See if it matches what you have written:
I. Introduction (this is the thesis that tells the reader what you are writing about and what will be discussed; be clear)
II. Video #1 should have a narrative based on Rubric #1 (below, in Midterm Rubrics)
III. Video #2 follows the same Rubric #1 (below, in Midterm Rubrics)
IV. Now give your point of view which has been selected for you. That is a comparison about how you discuss both examples in the same narrative;
V. Give a solid conclusion on what you think you learned from the experience. Look at Rubric #2 for points on your point of view;
Be sure that you have followed the Chicago style of citations. Information on this can be found in Research or search for Purdue OWL. Remember this is 20% of your final grade. Please give it your best try


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