Module 4 Written Assignment

Module 4 Written Assignment

Locate a map of your city. Create a grid where there is an X and Y-axes and at least 10 parallel (and equally spaced) lines on each of the axis. Take a picture of your map and paste it into a word document with the lines and points included.
1 What is located at the origin (0, 0)?
2 Locate at least 10 points of interest on your map and label them A, B, C…J. Give the co-ordinates of each point.
3 Find the co-ordinates of your home.
4 Provide 2 sets of directions of getting

Reflective Summary
Please use this format every week.
How have this week’s readings, assignments and activities added to your knowledge of mathematics and affected your feelings about mathematics?

The summary needs to cover three domains of learning: Cognitive, Affective, and Conative as described below, and comment on what I can do to assist you.

Cognitive: What did you learn about the subject matter this week that you did not know prior to the course? [A summary of the important topics in the course that were covered this week that were not known to you last week]

Affective: What are your feelings about the course, pace, group work, and your participation? How is this course working for you?

Conative: How did you approach the work? What type of input did you put into the material, lessons, discussion, etc.?

Note to professor: What can I do, as an instructor, to assure that this class is working for you? What do you expect in an instructor that I am or I am not doing? Please be honest! I promise you that it will only be used to make this class better for you and improve my rating

Full credit would include at least two full paragraphs on cognitive, two on affective and two on cognitive, and two sentences on what I can do as an instructor to assist you. Scholarly writing will be assessed.

This is a time for you to reflect on how the course is working for you and what you have contributed to the learning process and how to make it even better. Summaries for one week cannot be made up during another week.

The following are definitions of these domains:
Affective – Of or pertaining to the affections or emotions; emotion
Cognitive – Of or pertaining to cognition, or to the action or process of knowing; having the attribute of cognizing.
Conative – The aspect of mental processes or behavior directed toward action or change and including impulse, desire, volition, and striving.

Module 4 Written Assignment

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