Internet Privacy, Internet Filtering in Public Places

This paper is my final paper .. so i need from you to concentrate and reed the instructions carefully .. the paper is related to paper 5 that you did it. but
you should develop these paper (edit it) and you should add 2 sources one of them is( personal interview with any professor that you can, guess-work
that and write about it, the total will be 8 sources with the previous sources .. I give you an example of paper 5 and 6 and how he developed it from paper 5
to 6.. .Use same the example (paper 6) and write about it .. Also ( I give you my paper 5 that you did and i would like to use same works cited annotated
bibliography) and add 2 sources one of them (personal interview) .. you can find everything in my account..
– use your own sources which is about Internet privacy…
-use same style and technique (Format and design) from the example that i gave to you ( example paper 6).. but use your own source and words to write the all
paper… remember the example just to clarify… and write about my topic which is Internet privacy, Internet filtering in public places.

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