Field Study: Supermarket Segmentation Assignment

Field Study: Supermarket Segmentation Assignment

Making what we refer to in brand management as a “store check” is the backbone of marketing. Understanding what happens in the supermarket is critical to avoid what we refer to as “headquarters mentality”. In fact, “Shopper Marketing” is one of the hottest areas in marketing as many agencies have sprung up to serve this demand.


1. Go to a supermarket (not a corner Deli) and analyze the Cereals section of the store.

2. Identify the various product segments within each category refer to textbook AND resource material posted on Blackboard.

3. List three key products within each product segment

4. Briefly describe the target audience (The Who). An example would be people (adults/adults 25-45/children/teens/aged 55 +) with incomes from X to Y, who have a need for/want/desire for ??????, they live in ????????, their interests/hobbies are ????????, etc).

5. Choose another product section (e.g. toothpastes, drink, bread, and etc.) and do the same (following point 2-4) and report below.

6. Fill out page 2 and submit a hard copy in class

Your Name:______________________

Which store did you visit? (Name and Location)______________________________
Product Segments 3 Key Branded Products Who (Target Audience)

My Choice of Product Session: _______________________
Product Segment 3 Key Products Target Audience

Below is a good example of what I am looking for in this assignment.
Product Segment 3 Key Products Target Audience
Kids Johnson’s baby shampoo; L’O real Kids; Suave Kids Parents who want their kids to behave in the tub. The product must prove uneventful in use (e.g. no tears), and it helps if the packaging engages kids’ attentions.
Men Head & Shoulders Basic; Selsun Blue; Suave for Men Any man who buys himself shampoo, married or single, old or young. They do not want to think about using it or buying it; these are people who barely consider it a priority to even use shampoo. The packaging is simple and easily recognizable; they just grab what it familiar and toss it in the cart.
Women VO5; Tresseme; Aussie These are people who demand complexity in their hair care products. Whereas men’s shampoo lines contain 2-3 different varieties with large, clearly marked labels, women’s lines have 6-8 varieties with complicated labels that bear reading and prior understanding. These products do more than clean the head; they reflect women’s range of expectations for their hair, which is a serious matter.
Nutritious for Hair/Scalp Neutrogena T-Gel; Organix; Aveeno Nourish This is for people who have unhealthy hair or scalps. It is not such a clinical problem that they need a prescription for something, but it is more than standard levels of whatever the problem is (e.g. dryness, dandruff, oil, etc.). This consumer wants something to make the problem go away without having to bother to change his routine. Solution: just swap old shampoo for this one.
Scented White Rain Sensations; Suave Naturals; Herbal Essences This is for mostly younger women, who find that their hair is not just looked at, but also right up against people’s noses. (Oh golly gee, we must alert the church elders!) In order to make themselves attractive in this extra dimension, they seek fun, pleasant scents for their hair to go along with standard cleansing.
Hair Stylizer Vidal Sassoon Pro-Series; Salon Selectives; L’Oreal Hair Expertise This is for women who pay especially close attention to their hair styles. This is mostly for middle-aged professional women, but younger women, both professionals and those who are fashion-conscious, may also benefit. These women have very specific, high-maintenance plans for their hair, and if their hair naturally tends to go a different way, then these products are necessary to rectify the situation.

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