Enterprise Systems to Go

Enterprise Systems to Go

5.5 module review part 2
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Netsuite’s Netsuite: Enterprise Systems to Go

NetSuite by Netsuite Inc. (www.netsuite.com) enables small businesses to quickly develop and deploy ERP, CRM, adn e-commerce applications. Their Web site presents detailed information about this software suite. Visit NetSuite’s Web site and click on their NetSuite product link to see more information about the product’s components. Click on the “Customers” link for a list of success stories. Notice the tremendous variety of business types.

A) Identify and explore NetSuite’s components that relate to your business major.

B) Click on the “customers” link on NetSuite’s home page and select a customer in an industry that interests you and read the customer’s success story. What benefits were emphasized?

C) Would you recommend this suite to a small business owner? why or why not?

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