From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’ is an important credo in Marxist theory. And in order to maximize the ‘ability’ of everyone to her potential, it is necessary that everyone be given the same opportunity (the state recognizes everyone’s need at the starting point in life to be the same). And if everyone is convinced that their progenies will have the same opportunity as everyone else’s progenies, there shall be no longing for property or inheritance rights.

Marxist utopia?

For a communist society to break down, perhaps all it would take would be a small minority of talented citizens to refuse to accept non-materialistic reward of recognition, pride in service to the ‘fatherland’, etc., instead to demand market-based compensation for their talent. Possibly the vast majority would insist on/pine for such compensation for themselves and to perpetuate their ‘going ahead’ by inheritance and property rights….

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