Diversity Inclusion in (find a company to research)

Diversity Inclusion in (find a company to research)
Term Project (Must be at least 7 pages long in total and has 3 parts)

Part 1: The importance of diversity to your organization (4 pages)

With all the importance that is being focused on diversity, based on an organization to which you belong, research whether the issue of diversity is important to your organization. As such, you need to investigate current trends in your sector and field and how fostering diversity in the organization would add or detract from its effectiveness in meeting its goals and attaining its mission. The organization you select will be basis for your course project and will be the focus of the other 2 areas of the paper that are due for the course. Your deliverable is a 5 to 6 page paper discussing why considering cultural diversity is or is not important to this organization. The paper is not an opinion paper. As such, the organization you present should be substantiated by your readings as well as sources from the Internet, newspapers, or magazine articles in order to strengthen your argument.

Part 2: Assessment of your organizations current diversity programs (2 pages)
This second section of the course project focuses on the current diversity programs being offered at the organization that you selected. Your goal is to describe the programs as they exist, evaluate how the goals that were established were met, and what is still missing in the diversity programming of the organization. The programs can be researched through a combination of organizational websites, interviews with diversity professionals within the organization or employees of the organization, newsletters, and other such sources. One valuable way of examining these issues is to research the diversity programs at other, similar organizations and make a comparison. The deliverable is a 5 to 6 page paper that evaluates the current programs. The paper should conclude with a discussion of limitations of the programs and areas where improvement would be beneficial to the organization.

Part 3: Improving your organization’s diversity programs (1)

Having understood the importance (or lack thereof) of cultural diversity in organizations and assessed the current state of affairs in relation to the programs in your organization, this part of the paper is focused on you offering a program to address the deficiency that you identified in the last paper.

Diversity Inclusion in (find a company to research)

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