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Discussion Question
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There are many different types of firewalls that exist in the industry (e.g., Cisco, Juniper, 3Com, etc.). Explain what makes Smoothwall different.
Firewalls operate on a multitude of layers; for example, application firewalls operate at the application layer, network firewalls at the network layer, and proxy firewalls at the transport and session layers. Furthermore, firewall placement also makes a difference. The firewall can be placed at the core, on a LAN segment, or even locally on an end-user system. Describe how you implement a firewall solution for a large organization with only system (end point) firewalls (i.e., Microsoft XP firewall). Explain the challenges of not having a firewall which is centrally located at the network’s core and not having a firewall between the DMZ and Internet.
VPN technology can easily be considered a security feature. However, when designing a VPN solution for a company, there are a number of different personnel outside of IT security that need to be involved. Imagine you are implementing a VPN solution for the first time for a well-known known private University, University of STU, consisting of 2,000 staff, 700 faculty, and 20,000 students. Identify the personnel, including their titles and departments, you would involve in such an implementation. Additionally, describe how you would use each person as a resource.
Offer a VPN solution for the following: Fred is an employee of company WNS Inc. As part of his job, he travels internationally on a very frequent basis. In fact, he is rarely ever at the corporate office and, therefore, his desktop at work continues to accumulate dust. Fred performs most of his work from his laptop, but is highly discouraged from saving information locally to the laptop for fear of loss or theft of the laptop. The information that Fred works on during his travels is the core of the company and is probably worth billions of dollars. Describe a possible VPN solution for Fred. Be sure to include limitations.
Recommend ways to use social media in stakeholder management. This can include social media features in software such as chatter in salesforce or the ability to +1 in Google groups when used as intranets.
Discussion Question

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