Computer Architecture

Project Overview:
The purpose of this project is to allow you to take advantage of the knowledge you have obtained this semester about the design issues, implementation
strategies, hardware/software tradeoffs, memory management, and file system criteria that impact the design of the architecture of a computer system. The
LC-2200 system as presented in the textbook has been used since Chapter 1 to illustrate and explain the concepts
For this project, you will design the LC-415/505 Computer that is an extension of the LC-2200. The next section in this document presents a detailed
description of the LC-2200. You should also use the textbook to get further information on the LC-2200. Your task is to design a new system by extending in
some reasonable way the LC-2200. To the extent that you can, you are to show the corresponding hardware components necessary for changes to either the
instruction set or to the processing techniques. For example, let’s say that you proposed a new command, called NEWopp, which performs arithmetic operations
requiring 4 operands; the new datapath might include an extra ALU. Another example would be if you proposed a 6-staged pipeline for handling multiple
instructions, you could show what additional buffers/components might be necessary.
You may use any concept from topics that we’ve covered in class. Obviously, the more thought you put into it and the more detailed your design (and your
rationale for your design decisions),the better.

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