Discussion question responses should be least 500 words (in total including initial and colleague’s response) with appropriate in-text citations and at least two references in APA 6th edition format. Please provide scholarly work using good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

It is essential to engage in clear communications between healthcare providers in the healthcare settings for high quality care. “One of the five IOM core competencies (IOM, 2003) is the ability to use informatics. Teamwork and team-based competency for better patient-centered care requires mastery of numerous new communication technologies” (IPEC, 2011, p.22).

After reading pages 20, 22 & 23 from the IPEC 2011 Interprofessional (IPE) Core Competencies (link: describe the following as it pertains to your area of practice:

What communication models (A common language for team communication see page 22 i.e. SBAR or other models from week 8 content) do you presently use when communicating with other healthcare providers in your area of practice. a. with other nurses and b. with other interprofessional healthcare providers in your area of care.

2. Now, choose a different team communication model/tool based on the readings above in the IPEC (2011) IPE core competencies i.e SBAR, call out , or from week 8 chapter readings or blackboard content or from the evidence in the literature you researched and incorporate this “new” communication Model/tool into your daily patient care practice for one day (actually use it)? Then a. Name the model/tool chosen and b. after incorporating into practice at least one day this week (collaborate with other healthcare providers using the model) describe how it went ( tell us if you liked it, why you liked it better than the tool you have been using in the past and if you did not like it tell us why not )

3. Lastly, a. name one new technological tool supported in the literature (that you are not presently using in your area of practice) and b. describe how you would use it to facilitate your collaborations between healthcare professionals from a distance/virtually. Please provide evidence from the literature to support your choice.

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