Cognitive Psychology

Critically discuss and evaluate the crossmodal interference in attention.
Answer these questions within the essay.
1. Auditory stimuli and visual perception compete for resources (selective attention). When and why is one of them dominant over the other (overrule the
other, i.e. get more resources or being prioritized over the other)? Link to Stroop interference.
2. When auditory and visual stimuli compete for attention, how does the decision making process operate in relation to which stimuli to allocate resources
to? Link to Stroop interference.
3. When auditory, visual and semantics are competing for attention, how are the cognitive processes operating and how is the resources for processing being
allocated? An example if this is when driving a car (visual attention), talking on the phone (auditory) and the conversation over phone (semantics).
4. Does the theory of executive function has any relationship to question number 1, 2 and 3?
5. How is the reaction time and accuracy in decision making to allocate cognitive resources when auditory, visual and semantic perception is competing for
(No waffling and I need the internet link to each reference)

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