Cloud computing

Cloud computing
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The Federal Cloud Computing Strategy (Cloud First Policy) lists nine (9) benefits of cloud computing.

The CIO Council’s 2010 document titled State of Public Sector Cloud Computing contains 30 illustrative case studies that are part of a movement to leverage cloud computing across the public sector.

You can find both documents in the Content for Week 7.

Complete the following:
1. Review the nine (9) benefits from the Cloud First Policy.
2. Review the 30 case studies from the State of Public Sector Cloud Computing document.
3. Cut/paste the below matrix into your paper.
4. Fill in the matrix by matching at least ten (10) case study examples with benefits (see example). Each case study will have more than one benefit.
5. Select one of the case study examples from your list of ten (10) and explain why you chose each of the respective benefits.

Case Study Title
DoD US Army AEC (Example)
Assets will be Better Utilized, Efficiency Improvements will Shift Resources Toward Higher-Value Activities (Example)











Your response should be a 3 page paper, including the cut/pasted matrix, double-spaced, 12-pitch, New Times Roman. You should also have a cover page and reference page in addition to the 2 – 3 page paper. In addition to your matrix, your paper should include an introduction, conclusion, and benefit explanations. Make sure to use appropriate sources.

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