1 . How is nature used as a metaphor both at the beginning and end of the novel?
2 . How does the scene where Janie Crawford worries Tea Cake has run off with her money compare with Manon’s financial troubles upon inheriting her late mother’s house in Property?
3 . Differences in age are an important part of the novel. What is the significance of Janie Crawford’s response to Joe Stark’s criticism of her physical appearance?
4 . Do you agree or disagree that Janie Crawford learning to shoot a gun shows the growth of her character?
5. Referring exclusively to assertions in James Baldwin’s “The Uses of the Blues” and evidence in Their Eyes Were Watching God discuss the thesis that Janie Crawford is both a transgressive and “blues” character who changes her reality rather than suffer it. (It is important to explain with textual evidence what Baldwin’s argument is about the African American Blues and then argue how and why Baldwin’s arguments validate the experiences of Janie Crawford as a blues character).
Two books:
The uses of the blues
Their eyes were watching god

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