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Project Instructions and Requirements:

1) The piece should be created based on one of the topics listed below and should relate to the Theme of Society and Technology: Investigation of Group Identity.

A. Cultural Extremes and Excesses

B. Group Ideals and/or Actions

C. Corporate or Political Issues and/or Manipulation

D. Social Awareness, Change and/or Social Irony

E. Environmental Issues relating to Consumption

2) The piece is a culmination of what you have learned about using Illustrator but must also contain some photographic element that has been manipulated in Photoshop. (It can contain more than one photographic element, but work done in Illustrator must be the main focus for this project.)

3) You are free to use any additional knowledge you have gained in the use of Illustrator through your own self-motivated learning beyond what was required throughout the unit’s work.

4) Your piece should include text. The way you choose to use it is up to you. All typography work should be done in Illustrator.

5) When you are finished creating this piece, you should (read all of step 5 before completing):

A. Save as a .ai before going to B.

B. ‘Select All’ (Apple-A on a Mac,) and then go under the Object menu at top and select Flatten Transparency.

C. You should make sure you CHECK OFF ‘Convert Text to Outlines’ and ‘Convert All Strokes to Outlines.

D. You should make sure to leave the following UNCHECKED: ‘Preserve Alpha Transparency’ and ‘Preserve Overprint’

E. DO NOT save this version OVER your finished .ai version as now all your text is outlined, save this version as your .jpg.

Academic help online

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