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1Action Items

Write a two-page paper (minimum length) describing the following effects of management information systems on organizational functions:
a. Executive-level decision making;

b. The support levels of an organization: e.g., finance, human resources, marketing, sales; and

c. The production, distribution, and sales of product.

3-1Action Items

Write a two-page paper explaining how the MIS functional area can leverage, data, information, to gain a competitive advantage.
Describe the competitive advantage that Woodworker Cabinets could have if the company upgrades its Web site.

4-1Action Items

Reflect on this week’s reading assignments and your own experience.
Conduct additional research to deepen your understanding of the attributes of data, information and knowledge based on the following scenario:
a. Your manager has asked you to represent the department on a newly formed Knowledge Management Task Force.

b. Between monthly meetings, the task force engages in an online collaborative exchange about issues relevant to their tasks within the Knowledge Management Task Force Forum.

c. After the first meeting there was a lot of confusion about data vs. information vs. knowledge. The team members agreed to research these concepts and then share their understanding with the whole team in the forum.
Write a two-page paper in which you explain your findings about data, information, and knowledge.

5-1Action Items

Consider the following scenario: Your manager has asked you to speak to a group that will be visiting your company next week. Most of the people in the group have little to no knowledge about how networks operate in an organization.
Prepare a two-page briefing that you will present to the visitors in which you outline the strategic, tactical, and operational benefits that a network brings to your organization.

6-1Action Items

Research the following U.S. information-related laws.
a. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 (CFAA)

b. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

c. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
Write a two-page paper explaining the impact of the laws on an organization’s use of information technologies.

8-1 Action Items
Research the following areas related to protecting sensitive data for the Woodworker Cabinet company. Write a two-to three-page report to the CIO addressing the following issues:
Methods used by various companies to protect organization data. Consider:
Data encryption;
Authentication and authorization; and
Network security measures (e.g., firewalls, spyware protection, etc.).
Ethical issues regarding protection of data. Consider:
Privacy considerations;
Trade secrets (e.g., manufacturing processes, etc.);
Client lists; and
Organizational financial information.

10-Action Items
Consider the following scenario. Your CEO wants to evolve the capabilities of your company to better plan and communicate between the various departments. He is thinking about implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning system.
Conduct research to address the following items. Write a two-page report to the CEO in which you:
Define ERP and describe its functionalities.
Describe ERP II systems.
Differentiate between core ERP modules and extended ERP modules.
List some drawbacks of ERP software.
11-1Action Items
Research the following areas related to customer relationship management CRM:
Operational CRM
Analytical CRM
Write a three-page paper in which you:
Discuss the positive and negative effects that a significant increase of customers would have on each department over a one-year time period.
Project each department’s needs in the following areas:
Human resources;
Operational budget needs; and
Physical resource needs.

12-1Action Items

Consider the following scenario. The CIO of your company is concerned about improving supply chain management.
Research the following items and write a two- to three-page report in which you:
Describe the three components and the three flows of a supply chain.
Identify popular strategies to solving different challenges of supply chains.
Explain the utility of each of the three major technologies that supports supply chain management.

14-1Action Items

Discuss the primary tasks and importance of each of the six processes involved in the systems development life cycle.
Describe alternative development methods and tools that augment development methods.

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