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will invent something
Monty spends most of his time inventing in his garage. He is certain that someday he will invent something that will make him very wealthy. Finally, he thinks he has the million-dollar idea. He has invented a device that attaches to both his phone line and through his computer to the Internet to block telemarketing calls without having to pay a service fee for the capability to the local phone company. The technology for this already existed, but Monty was the first to put it together in this way. Monty is waiting to perfect this invention before filing a patent application. Monty learns that someone else has invented a similar device after he did, but has already filed an application. Also, someone broke into Monty’s garage and stole the information about the invention. Can Monty protect his legal situation?
a. No, because the technology already exists.
b. No, because someone also has invented this and has filed an application.
c. Yes, because he is the rightful owner of the stolen property.
d. Yes, as long as he can prove that he invented it fir

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