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Academic help online
Topic: “Initiating and implementation of drone delivery system in a retail environment.”

Paper should consist of a one-page summary of progress and include the summary of the company, company’s needs analysis, and systems analysis.

I. Overview (2–3 pages)
a) Provide an overview of your company and the systems development project. Describe the industry you are working with.
b) Conduct a needs analysis and a systems audit:
i. Why do you need a new system?
ii. How does the current system work? Do you currently use any software or hardware?
iii. What are the goals you are trying to achieve with the new system (e.g., increase efficiency, improve organization, reduce cost, reduce error)?

c) Comment on the scope of the project. How do you think it will achieve the goals set forth?

Paper must be writting in APA format with adequate scholastic reference.

Academic help online

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