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Assignment: Technology Effect Paper

The introduction of MP3 files and digital downloads has changed the way society views the music market and forced change on a number of organizations in the industry. Review case study II-7 in Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation for more detail.

Think of a technology that has had an effect similar to what happened with the music industry. Examples include online movies, high-definition television, online education, smart phones, online shopping, photo radar, and so forth.

Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you analyze the effect of the technology on organizations, markets, and society. Consider the following questions:

What was the state of the industry and society prior to the implementation?
How did the technology come to be used?
How did organizations initially respond? Did they embrace or fight it?
How did the public respond to the new technology?
How was the market changed? Did the technology create new markets and products?
How did the government respond? Was legislation changed or created in response? What effect did this have?

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