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Academic help online

i need answers for these study guide ART101
Book (( artform prebles ))

Sample Short Answer and Essay Questions.
Why is the human figure rare in Islamic art?
What are the key features of a typical mosque?
Why are carpets extremely important to the history of Islamic art?
What is the importance of calligraphy in the Islamic culture?

Sample Short Answer and Essay Questions

What are some community functions for art in Africa?

chapter 23: Between world wars
Dada – Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray
Define “readymade” and provide an example that best exemplifies this type of art.
Desceibe the rise of the Dada movement. what were its aims?
Surealism – Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Rene Magritte
Define “automotism” and describe the art movement associated with the method.
De Stijl – Piet Mondrian
How and where did De Stijl develop and what was its goal?
Latin American Modrnism – Frida Kahlo
American Regionalism – Frant Wood, Edward Hopper
African American Modernism – Sargent Johnson

chapter 24; Postwar Mpdern Movements
Explain the ways American and European painting differed just after World War II and
suggest reasons for the differences.
NEW YORK SCHOOL – identify the two branches of the new york school painting.
ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM – Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning
Color Field Painting – Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell.
EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS – Saburo Murakami, Allen Kaprow
POP ART – James Rosenquisr, Andy Warhol, Roy lichtentein
How does the work of Andy Warhol best express pop art ?
Minimal Art – Donald Judd, Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella
How do Frank Stella’s non-rectangular canvases blur the distinction between painting and
sculpture? How is he a minimalist?
Conceptual – Joseph Kosuth
Early Feminism – Judy Chicago, Nancy Spero
Discuss the growth of the feminist movement in the 20th century and its influence on art.

chapter 25: post modernity and global art
Street Art- Bansky, Renta and Risk
How did street art begin? Is it an accepted art form today?
The Global Present – Shahzia Sikander
how does she answer the question, “Do artists from one part of the world need to practice thetraditional styles still
associated with their origins?”

Academic help online

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