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You are the senior contracts personnel in a USG department. After a department meeting, your group was asked to review all the contracting activities that your department will be responsible for in the next year. You are to present your recommendations to the entire staff at the next meeting. Attending the meeting is the entire contract and procurement staff. As you go down the list of approved business activities (that is, activities that will be completed via contracting and for which funding has been approved – The decisions to make are:

o a sealed bid process, or
o a two-step sealed bid process, or
o a negotiated procurement.

Required Elements to include in the Group Project Situation:
• In your presentation response, you will discuss what process you would choose for each procurement and why. Please keep response for each program to 200 – 300 word count
1. Painting and recarpeting a 3-story office building for your staff

2. Inventory and supply of standard office supplies to be delivered monthly

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