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Saudi Arabia still faces a higher unemployment notably the growing native population. Most of them under 30 years of age. nearly (150,000) young enter the market each year. The high unemployment rate stood at (5.5% ) at the end of 2012. And it increase in 2013 estimated rate among Saudi nationals was above (5.6%) in 2013, but It increase in 2014 to (6 %) . And the rate decrease in 2015 to (5.7%) it decreases into to 2016 to (5.6) unemployment Saudis estimated between the ages of 16 and 29. They think the Saudi native will increase to (37m) and (50 m) by 2025 and 2050. So they need to the investment in the oil, electricity and the water in order to avoid poverty in the Saudi economy. Saudi Arabia had planned to create new jobs for Saudi nationals by 2015 and 2030, to keep the Saudi economy in a good position. The less unemployment the more money going to the State budget. The result of creating new jobs for Saudi nationals will help the Saudi economy and Saudi nationals.

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