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Today we’re going to contemplate “thinking errors”—those ways of thinking that actually make life more stressful for us than need be, especially while we are in college.

A). Review the attached PDF; read over the list of thinking errors.

Now go to:

Review the list of thinking errors.

The page ends with “Identifying thinking errors is one step towards improving our stress resistant thinking; the next step is to learn the techniques to challenge and restructure our thinking.” Do you agree? How so? Explain how thinking errors have held you back from being fully successful in college or in life. Are none of these “thinking errors” a problem for you? How do you see people around you succumb to thinking errors?

Open a Word document; save to your computer. In the Word document complete the following and submit as an attachment when you are finished.

B) Click on Stressful Core Beliefs at the bottom of the page. Read the page. Which one(s) rings true for you? Explain how this directs your life.

C) Click on ABC Model of Stress. Read the page. Explain the ABC Model in your own words.

D) On your own, continue through the module to find helpful handouts for recognizing and reducing stress. List a few.
Submit the document to Turnitin as Lab 07 Thinking Errors.

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