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2. Summarize the project by reporting such things as WHEN and WHERE it was constructed, the

SIZE, the CIVILIZATION that built it and the CULTURE that was prevalent at the time, and

any other important information concerning this project.

3. Describe HOW this project was built, based on your own research and understanding of what was

available. You should at a minimum address such items as: the MATERIALS,


(Hint – this is at least 25% of your grade)

4. Then give your best analysis of how you think such a project would be built IF IT WAS BUILT

TODAY! Speculate, be creative, make assumptions – whatever it takes! (Hint – this is at least

25% of your grade)

5. The number of pages in the body of the report is 10 pages. (this does NOT include the cover page,

abstract or reference page!). The report is to be computer generated, 12-font, 1” margins, doublespaced

with page numbers in the lower right corner. Any graphical information – sketches, photos,

maps, etc., will be counted in the 10 pages – up to a limit of 3 pages!

6. You MUST have a cover page on a separate page. Then a 100-word (maximum) abstract, titled

“Abstract” on a separate page. Followed by the 10 pages of the report. Then the references,

titled “References” on a separate page.

7. A minimum of three references are required and you must indicate in the text where each of the

references are being cited or quoted. Use MLA or APA format for references.

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