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1.Which group held an exhibit at the Macbeth Gallery that set America on a course of Modern Art?

2. According to our text,
was the first (short lived) non-objective, non-representational modern American art movement. Fill in the blank(box)

3. What was “Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp (R. Mutt)?

4. According to our text, what was the key difference between Henri and Stieglitz?

5. Robert Henri was a progressive artist. He studied at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris, was influenced by the Impressionists, and even helped organize the Armory Show. However, he was opposed to American artists creating art that too closely followed European styles. What were his opinions when contemplating the idea of a National American Art?

6. In your own words, write a minimum of three sentences describing the Ashcan School.

7. The artist
made paintings that were rejected from the National Academy exhibition. He went on to teach artists to paint with intensity and emotion, and capture the ‘spirit’ of the people and cities of their urban world? Fill in the blank(box)

Write a formal analysis of the painting by George Bellows entitled Both Members of this Club, 1909. Start by listing the title, artist, and date of the artwork. Next, imagine that you are writing a letter to a friend who has never seen the painting. Describe the painting in detail. Be sure to analyze the lines, colors, textures, space, and shapes you see in the painting. Finally, write an interpretation of the painting–in other words, explain what the painting says or communicates to you. What function, purpose or idea does the painting represent? You can see an example of this method of analysis at Goya Analysis at

Art analysis question should be no less than 2 or 3 well developed paragraphs.

9. The new modern artists, such as the Ashcan artist, rejected which American era:
The Age of Enlightenment
The Neoclassical Age
The Gilded Age
The Impressionist Age

10. Read the text on Marsden Hartley on page 66 of our text. Review his image Portrait of a German Officer and give a two paragraph reaction essay.

11. Alfred Stieglitz ran an American gallery from 1908-1917 called
. He dedicated this exhibition space to showing avant-garde artists such as John Marin and Arthur Dove. Fill in the blank(box)

12. Who was not in the Stieglitz circle of artists?

Arthur Dove
Marsden Hartley
Joseph Stella
Georgia O’Keeffe

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