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The mariner knows when he passes a person if he or she must hear his tale, and the mariner has no choice but to tell it. Were the mariner a real person and alive today, to whom would he feel compelled to tell his tale, and why? Write an academic essay that carefully persuades the reader of the guilt of this person and demonstrates why he or she should hear the tale. In other words, who in today’s time has transgressed nature such that the mariner should detain him or her with his glittering eye?

Minimum length: 750 words (no maximum) DUE: 11:59 p.m. MARCH 20, 2016

Format: MLA (ask if you do not know what this is or how to format a paper according to these guidelines). Also, no title page is needed. Remember also to upload a file! Do not paste the text of the paper in the “Write Submission” window. Ask if you don’t know what this means and I will show you.

Important topic considerations

the person (subject of your essay) must be alive today
the person (subject of your essay) must be a public figure about whom information is easily accessible. (Do not confuse being a public person with fame. It simply has to be someone who can be googled and about whom information is easily available. The person does not have to be famous.)
nature for the purposes of this paper means plants, animals or ecosystems. Do not choose someone whose crime is against human beings. That means no serial killers, mass murderers, terrorists, and so on.
consider whether there is enough material about this person to sustain your paper. Avoid individual acts of animal abuse such as the crazy cat hoarder down the street.
Papers on these topics will NOT be accepted: BP oil spill, Exxon Valdez oil spill, and Michael Vick.
If you choose a large organization such as a corporation or government agency, find one person near the top who should hear the tale and use him or her as the topic of your paper.
The essay MUST demonstrate an excellent understanding of both:

“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
the actions taken by the person who is the subject of the essay
What the paper must include:

enough of a summary of Coleridge’s poem that someone who has not read the poem easily coudl understand the paper
a thorough description of what your subject has done to deserve to hear the mariner’s tale
key and appropriate passages from the poem
key and appropriate passages from sources about your paper’s subject
a thesis statement that expresses why your subject needs to hear this tale
a title that reflects your thesis, and not simply names the assignment
a works cited page formatted in MLA style
Write in third person. No first or second pronouns should be used in the essay unless they appear in material that you are quoting.

You may upload this assignment through BlackBoard’s Safe Assign feature. There is a student tutorial video available for you to view on this process, but if you cannot find it, I can show it to you.

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